5 Unique And Amazing Gadgets Actually Exist In India.

5 Unique And Amazing Gadgets Actually Exist In India.

Hello, Guys Welcome back to Indianbuzzfeed where you interact with the world, different types of gadgets are coming to you today, making different tasks easy and fun. So, without wasting any time more let’s get  start.

5.Pix backpack.


So, guys, let’s start with number 5 Pix backpack. The First Light-Up Backpack You Customize with your smartphone.

This smart bag handles all the things you need very well inside it. That true with very good space, you can easily keep your laptop smart device water bottle and whatever else you have.

And this bag gives a new look on your backside, even here you can control the graphics by connecting  your smartphone to different types of different graphics moving on your backpack, which is very unique and fun, on turning the graphics or then there is nothing bad to fall on, even if it does not cause any water on it, because it is waterproof. 

This is a very cool backpack when you take this up to your school or college sure your friends like it and you also make an image in your school and college.

4.Mill clock.


Number 4 Milk Clock, After seeing these unique gadgets, what do you think is going to make Syed’s formula for chemistry but not, friends we will not tell you about chemistry because chemistry is a very unhealthy subject, but it has its name It is the same as the time which tells the time, but as time is changing very happy, why not change the premise of looking at our clock. 

The clock will be your sight or thought as Nikki uses the help of cubes to tell you time, after standing on your platform, it looks like a chemistry formula instrument but it’s a wonderful clock that is connected to your smartphone. 

And its lighting and its settings can be connected to your smartphone and this clock is not only kept in the house but it also has been created to wear on hands that have been very unique and different feel after wearing it.

3.I_watch concept.


Number 3 –  I_Watch Concept, wow what an amazing smartwatch Gadget.  Friends, while talking about the watch, take a look at this amazing conceptualized Apple I_watch too, because this is really a very cool watch, on the side of which you will also get the Nano SIM slot from the charging port and On the other side, an eight-megapixel camera and projector will also be found there. 

Friends, the great features of this watch is that, here You can find a holographic display in it. So how  much you like this concept of Dasu Watch, please tell us clearly by commenting below


No. 2 Exotic we are living in India and since childhood, we are seeing the women who set fire to a TV show because it sets fire like too many things to catch fire, it burns a lot, but we do not do so much that we have a nano sparking.

 Here we are talking about a nano sparking gadgets that which will be controlled only by your hands rather than the fingers and will rotate a little bit with your hand and it will provide a lot of sparks. which you can carry on with their pocket.

1.Mini Rc drone.

So here we are on the last but not least gadget No. 1 Mini RC Drone, as Xiaomi Company make been a lot of buzz in India, with many of its many highly attracted smartphones and many smart devices, then the device also comes with a lot of drones, which is very good. 

This is the drone can easily come in your one hand and easily can fly, There is also wifi connectivity which is easily connected to the controller and also provides live video graphic. 

You can also make a video graph of 720p with its help and it can also be handled with a lot of comforts by keeping it comfortable so you can keep an eye on your length if you want to fly, you will love it, if you have less space, then as you can know how much is this mini-drone is helpful for you.
So how much do like it let me know in the comment section?

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