If you are a PUBG fan than there is a bad news for you

If you are a PUBG fan than there is a bad news for you 🙁

If you are a PUBG fan then this news may disappoint you. Not because the game is going to be banned in India ( we can’t be excessively certain with respect to what’s in store, considering the ongoing Rajkot captures) but since the person who built up the game won’t work at it further.


The man behind this royal sensation PUBG, Designer Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, has chosen to proceed onward from creating PUBG. So, there may not be a sequel to the popular battle royal Game . Or,to be more right,the ready, without fear will not see the full of ideas input of Brendan Greene from now on. 

But that doesn’t mean that he has left PUBG altogether. He recently proclaimed that he’ll be acting on PUBG Special comes and can stay the consulting creative director of the battle royale game. However, he’s shifted from the PUBG corporation headquarters at national capital to associate office in Amsterdam and can be acting on completely different projects.


In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz,  Greene said; The last man standing concept is nice, however, I have done that. I don’t Really Intend To build  PUBG 2. I have done battle royale, it’s time to do something else.

He sounds as if he’s had his fill of the battle royale conception and he desires to maneuver ahead. I suppose I have provided others with an honest way of killing one another. However, I would like to explore another thing.

Greene is known for creating royale in style among gamers. with the increase within the range of players of player PUBG and it’s contestant Fortnite, alternative game developer focused their  attention on the battle royale genre that resulted within the royale versions of the decisions of Duty, battlefield, and CS: Go. when the outstanding success of PUBG, there are still the PUBG  special comes whenever we tend to hope to determine a lot of Brendan Greene’s work.

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