Let’s Make A Tasty Fasting Pulao Recipe In This Navratri Season.

Let's Make A Tasty Fasting Pula Recipe In Navratri Season.

During Navratri many people fast for nine days. One of the biggest problems of fasting is to do falhar. It can not be eaten by making  same things  every day. So why do not make fasting pulao recipe . Today we are presenting the recipes for fasting pulao(casserole) for you. These meals are quite tasty and they do not feel hungry for a long time. Let’s know its recipes:

Ingredients Required

Rice 3/4 cup of Sama,

Medium sized potato 01 nos.

Beans 1/4 cup (chopped),

Carrot 1/4 cup (chopped),

Peas 1/4 cup,

Kaju(Cashew) 6-7 nuts.

Peanut 01 tablespoon,

Green chilli 1-2 nos.

Coriander powder 01 teaspoon,

cumin 01 teaspoon,

Oil 2 tablespoons,

Water 1 1/2 cups,

Rock salt according to taste

Method of making fasting pulao recipe recipe :

To make the fasting Pulao, soak the rice in the water first. After this, peel the potatoes and cut it into small pieces. After this, wash and cut beans, carrots and green chillies too.

Add oil to the frying pan and heat it. When the oil is hot, add cashews and groundnut seeds and fry them lightly. Remove the roasted cashews and peanuts and keep them aside.

Add cumin seeds in remaining oil. After this, add potatoes and carrots and cook 2-3 minutes. Then put beans and peas and run well. After this, add 1/4 cup water to the pan and cook until vegetables are soft.

As long as the vegetables are getting soft, wash the rice. In vegetables, add chilli, coriander powder, peanut powder and salt in it. Also add the washed rice and remaining water and cook on medium flame.

When the water in the pan remains half, then reduce the flame. Also cover the pan and let it cook for 4-5 minutes. After this, turn off the gas and keep the pan covered like the first one.

Your fasting pulao is ready. Garnish it with roasted cashews and present it with curd.

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