Vivo APEX Concept 2019

Vivo APEX 2019 Concept

Vivo smartphone is very famous for their camera and music, well we see lots of good smartphone launched by vivo now the Vivo take this far from a normal smartphone by launching Vivo APEX concept smartphone which has a bezel-less and button-less smartphone.  Vivo Apex has been about creating futuristic device. 

It is said the the future of smartphone has bezel-less and button -less while for Vivo Apex series  achieved that, it is seen that the Vivo has unique look and specification then other smartphone in the market.Vivo company always work on the vivo smartphone which break the all boundaries of smartphone industry.

The handset look reasonable look. since the future of smartphone won’t include ports and buttons the company made Vivo Apex in the presence that the phone is fully handset do not inbuilt the ports and buttons which make this smartphone very different from others. 

On the place of physical buttons the company uses pressure- sensing frames followed in HTC U12 plus footstep.the Vivo APEX 2019 begin after the meizu zero something said in public,  which does not have any physical buttons or transports. There is no word on the able to use of meizu zero.Well In the case of Vivo apex 2019 concept phone, there is not announced the release date. 

The pricing also doesn’t not release yet. The company listed only few specification for the user to get normal feel about the Vivo APEX. The main focus is the radial design that it look to set the trend for the ahead year.

vivo apex concept

As talked, about there are no transporter or the headphone  jack in view, but it does physical act for amusement magnetic pin at the back called Mag port that will support charging and fact gives property in law.

It comes with slim bezels on all sides of the put on view with a small,little chin at the lowest part, and features a ‘higher degree unibody curved glass design.

It also turns its put on view into an apparatus for making sound by using body sound casting technology, making great change to the complete part of 2019 put on view into an apparatus for making sound via the screen quick motion purpose, use,keeping, out of the need for an apparatus for making sound grill. 

At the back, we can also see the 2-way camera organization well made uprightly, details as to how things are to be done of which have not been given detailed of us. 

As talked-about, there’s no an idea of the selfie camera as well and it can not be seen in the pictures by camera as well. if there is a pop up selfie camera kept secret,The company did get amusement out of a made good making higher selfie camera lately.

Vivo APEX specification

The Vivo APEX 2019 comes with 5G support, and gets mixed together Qualcomm snapdragon x50 5G Modem,the snapdragon 855 SoC,256Gb of place for storing, And 12Gb male sheep.

 It takes support for Jovi Ai helper and many other well-dressed purpose ,uses as well. To make  room for the new 5G part of a greater unit, the Vivo top (to be used )space  by 20 parts of a hundred to make seem unimportant the overall putting one on top another space part 2019 uses a new Duplex PCB design which has increased the ready.

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