10 Water Parks In Delhi You Should Have To Visit In This summer

10 Water Parks In Delhi NCR You Should Have To Go For A Summer Blast

Water parks in Delhi NCR -Delhi, the house of rich cultural diversity in Asian nation, is famous for its extreme and harsh atmospheric condition.Being a inland state there’s no means of escaping to the near sea beaches. However, with the help of recent technology and advancement, Delhi has shot up within the rank that boasts of best amusement parks and water parks in Asia nation. 

The places feel no less than paradise particularly during the hot heat with fun rides and slides together with several different activities. If spending time together with your closed ones or relatives is on your cards then do not miss out the chance to go to the places listed below.

10. Ffunmax, Faridabad

waterparks in delhi

Ffunmax homes endocrine packed water and amusement rides, every suited to fulfill the assorted excitement level of the participants. a variety of action-packed rides particularly disk that may turn your world upside down or Break Dance which can take you on a back and forth rotation is specifically engineered for the Bravehearts. what is there for a few family fun? a large Wheel and a Toy Train ride of the complete park. So, choose a partner and take a ride on the thrillings slides or simply sit back and relax within the Wave Pool.

9. Jurasik Park Inn, Sonipat

Jurasik Park inn – AN amazing  destination for fun, thrill, sheer excitement and real diversion for the complete family. Jurasik Park inn – the sole place in North Asian nation that takes you back to the traditional history of the jungle world dated million of years back. foreign from completely different components of the globe, Dinosaurus and theropod welcome you at the gate as you enter.

Key Attractions in Water Park:

Water Rides:
Wave Pool | youngsters Pool | Lazy watercourse | ceremonial dance | seventy Feet High water

Enjoy park : 
Giant wheel | Free fall | Frisbee | Bump automotive | Swing Chair | Bull ride | Jumping frog | Merry go-round | Roller Coaster | Baby train | Aero ride | Octopus Ride | Horse ride | mini Columbus | Cup Plate | mini Train


8. Appu Ghar, Oysters Beach Water Park, Gurgaon

water parks in delhi

Appu Ghar Oysters beach water park sector 29 Gurgaon. On a hot sunny day, this ride would be great to relax and stay cool. artificially generated reasonably large waves, similar to an ocean.

“Whether you are looking for a relaxing afternoon by the water or a high thrill state of the art water ride, there is something for everyone at the Appughar water park.

Key Attractions in Water Park:


7. Drizzling Land, Ghaziabad

water parks in delhi

The Biggest Fun Park has full-grown over eight times within the variety of Water Slides, Amusement Rides Activities and Mud- adventure activities. That makes this a world category destination in Delhi-NCR, giving folks the right get away that homes a Water Park, green journey Sports Club.

Along with Live Dj enjoying tune to swing you to thrilling mood. Feel the adrenaline rush as you zoom down thrilling water slides. relax with friends at wave pool with chilling showers, enjoy the Kempty Falls. the largest Roller Coaster in Delhi-NCR can for certain offer you the chillz once you take your 1st ride. Fly ofrom one spot to the opposite on an extended ZipLine. All activities are going to be amid a extremely trained workers follow international standards for safety. There are several eateries in Pool facet food court, as well as fast bites, giving multi cuisines, to form positive that you just get the style you’re searching for all day long.

 Key Attractions in Water Park:

water parks , amusement park,  adventure sport club, rooms, acparty/conference hall $ party lawn, food court.

6. Aapno Ghar, Gurgaon

Among the earliest amusement parks to have come up in New Delhi, Aapno Ghar is also perhaps the one that people are most fond of. An ideal choice for a family weekend outing, it has entertainment for all age groups.

Aapno Ghar Amusement and Water park, town of joy is that the ideal expression of a pretty and unequalled dream world. It exists harmonic with the magic of nature.

The mildness of sun rays, the light rumbling fountains and lush green landscapes adorn the charm of unchanged mix of nature’s beauty and merry world of kid fantasies. their  haven of endless joy show the most exciting and remarkable example of event stuffed with pleasure taken to new height.

5. Worlds of Wonder, Noida

water parks in delhi

Worlds of Wonder’ has been a go-to destination for individuals seeking fun in Delhi NCR since a few years. placed within the hustle and bustle of the city, this unspoiled site overlooking the town has been remodeled considerably over the past few years creating it into one among India’s greatest Amusement and Water Parks that includes rides and attractions that area unit an exquisite acceptable individuals across all age teams.

The funfair has quite twenty fabulously created and placed rides and attractions making certain that you just have the time of your life along with your family and friends. It matches international safety standards providing everything you would like. at the side of the classic rides, it conjointly offers the trendy thrillers. you’ll check your skills at the numerous exciting games and revel in searching at the memento outlets. The funfair options 2 zones – Roadshow and La feast with a number of the foremost innovative rides and attractions. it’s dedicated rides for teenagers keeping their safety needs in mind associated remains an mesmerised oasis of family fun that systematically delivers.

4. Fun N Food Village

water parks in delhi

The Fun N Food Village offers India’s largest assortment of Water slides and attractions for the shaver learning the way to swim to the Water sports enthusiast seeking a thrill. Thrills, chills and spills do not miss them at the Fun n Food Village offers its patrons a replacement twisting turning and sliding experience.

Fun ‘N’ Food Village is giving a fusion of park Rides. park with twenty one amusement rides, improved gardens, multi culinary art food retailers. The Fun ‘N’ Food Village, situated simply 3 kilometers from the International airport on the Delhi Gurgaon Road. The Fun ‘N’ Food Village is a trial to form a fusion of the wealthy Indian inheritance and trendy recreational facilities. At the Fun ‘N’ Food Village, we’ve several Amusement rides of international standards business to any or all age teams.

3. Just Chill Water Park

water parks in delhi

A great place to relax and let your hair down, just Chill Water Park Delhi is an very best once it involves having some summer water-park fun. The naturally lovely water and fun park is found close to GTB Memorial at GT Karnal Road. The place is for all people who like to play in water, simply Chill Water Park Delhi could be a excellent spot to justify some steam. 

If you would like associate degree catecholamine rush then do head for the high speed Katrina Twist, whereas the Black Thrill is unquestionably a head spinner. There also are the mini peacock blue rides for each adults and youngsters, however make sure that you simply ar brave enough to begin it!

2. Splash – The Water Park

water parks in delhi

Situated in the midst of nature, Splash has a combination of water and amusement rides.

Cyclone Family Slide, Mushroom Fall, Harakiri and multi-lane slides are sure to leave you with your heart in your mouth, so we recommend all your adrenaline junkies check these out.

Splash Water Park may be a state of the art amusement half settled in Main GT Karnal Road. absolutely designed with the mix of natural beauty, they attempt to supply a family with a life of reminiscences with all the fun rides and activities with favourites just like the ceremonial dance, wave pool and additional. The protection measures are world category and brought terribly seriously. Cleanliness too isn’t taken gently.

1. Adventure Island

Situated inside the premises of tube Walk Mall, journey Island consists of twenty five vertigo-inducing rides that may leave you dizzy.

One of the most frequented amusement parks in Delhi, this place also has nice food and entertainment, Associate in Nursingd an option to spend time at the mall for those in your group who don’t fancy Amusement Parks.

Every weekend, evenings here ar abuzz with adults and children, and there’s a cheerful vibration with some smartmusic, dance performances and a lot more fun entertainment.

A world category common designed by internationally illustrious design consultants and designers Forrec Canada, Management resources American state, Electrosonic USA, town style cluster USA, condensate Canada and TUV European country..It is touch sixty two acres of land. The park adheres to highest globally accepted European Safety Standards DIN-Deutshes Institut Für Normung that ar being followed by high amusement parks worldwide.

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